If you're into Forex, and you seriously want to improve your finances - then you're in the right place, because...

1. I discovered this unique and amazing trading strategy.
2. How I followed it day by day to see its working right and perfected it!
3. How I customized 2 Indicators to aid & simplify trading with it.
4. How I use it day in and day out, and…
5. What your ‘true potential profit' will be when trading with it.

And, in less than 2 hours from now, I guarantee you're going to be saying:

"1 Hour Forex Is "Really Unique," So Easy to Use, and by far one of the Most ProfitableTrading Systems I have Ever Used!"

I can also add that until I discovered 1 Hour Forex, 4XPipSnager was my bread and butter trading strategy - but to be honest, 1 Hour Forex is much, much better!!!

I promise you, 1 Hour Forex Puts Everything Else I have Tried In The Dark!

And Yes, again, in LESS THAN 2 HOURS from now, you can start making easy trades like this:


From the desk of:  Jason Sweezey
Re: Get Ready To Experience A Life Changing Strategy...

It doesn't matter if you're one of my thousands of followers. It doesn't matter if you're a veteran Forex Trader. Heck, it doesn't even matter if you're a complete newbie. Because, what you're going to be exposed to on this page is relevant to each status I just mentioned.

1 Hour Forex is an easy to understand video course that consists of 8 videos and a short manual. Although the videos are numbered, all you need to do is follow the manual and watch video after video, and you’ll be led step by step to successful forex trading.  

In my ‘1 Hour Forex'  90 minute video course, you're about to discover a perfect trading strategy that by following my simple 4 trade rules, and 2 indicators, you'll literally be knocking it out of the park over and over again! You see, at all costs I want you to succeed!

You see, I have been helping Forex Traders for more than 2 years now, and most of you know that I am here on a ‘trader to trader level' and not just another GURU marketer. I am 100% devoted to all of my past followers as much as I am to my new followers. And, I will say it again, I promise to only show you stuff that really works!

In all this time, I have only released 2 trading strategies: 4XPipSnager which is my best and Forex UTurn. However, here is one review about it, please read…

Needless to say… out of all the so called "Guru Marketers" who release a new scam week after week that they downloaded for free from some traders forum. I only open my mouth when I have something SMART to say, or something intelligent to show you.

So, please pay close attention to what I have to say since it can put you on the right side of the trade in less than 2 hours...

"How I Happened To Stumble
 Across  1 Hour Forex Method"

The best way to understand how I discovered and developed 1 Hour Forex is basically to describe to you about my daily routines.

You know what a workaholic is right? So, I guess you can call me a Chart-aholic or Strategy-aholic... from the moment I wake up in the morning, I invest 20% of my time to do my private trades and 80% to learn the different market patterns, and try to define rules to successfully exploit profits from those unique patters that I find.

This is what I do day in and day out. This is what I dream about. I guess you could say I "Live, Eat & Breathe Forex." I just love it! I just love to wake up and look at my charts. Now if that's not dedication then I don't know what dedication is!

For many years, I have found myself dealing with an unexpected and unreasonable situation in the Forex market. It usually happened when I was trading short time frames just when I have entered the trade, the market quickly turns against me. I have no doubt that many traders found themselves in the same situation and knows exactly what I am talking about?

This buy fake or sell fake really annoyed me and I knew I had to crack it! I can honestly say that Forex U Turn showed me the light to this Magnificent trading Strategy I decided to name as 1 Hour Forex.

You see, I told myself I will learn ‘not to fall’ for those fake outs, so, I literally sat in front of the charts for hours and then soon I realized that one of my biggest mistakes is that I am starring at to many short time frames, which basically narrow sighted my total vision of the market behavior.

It's so logical, how did I expect to analyze how the big players of the market think on a fraction of the hour/minutes basis? Doesn't make any sense right?

So, I have decided to put all my concentration and focus on the 1 hour chart rather than a smaller time frame and studied the price action fake outs. The end result?

I was totally shocked!!! I noticed that on the 1 Hour time frame you almost don't have any "noise" or "distraction" which envisioned before my eyes a much clearer picture of the ‘market action' taken by the market makers like: Institutions, Banks, and Hedge Fund traders.

And another one

How About this?

And This?


It worked like a charm. Not only did I feel I really cracked one of the major market behaviors of the big players, but it also made a lot more sense to me, and to be honest, I was embarrassed not to have noticed this before. God knows how much money I lost as a trader falling for those "fake outs" day after day - but NOT NO MORE!

Customizing My Own
1 Hour Forex Indicator

The next natural step for me to do was to create the trading tools to ease my process of reading the 1 Hour Time Frame.

I didn't need to re-invent the wheel, so I have used two existing very trust worthy indicators, and I asked my coder to customize it in the code to fit my new time rules which I have just discovered.

The First Indicator is based on the common Fibonacci-Pivot Point Levels Indicator which usually is used by Fibonacci, and support and resistance traders.

The second indicator that I use, is actually from my previous system - Forex U Turn - you remember I told you that that product was a pit stop for me while I investigated this phenomenon of Fake Out Moves? I call it: The whole numbers indicator.

The most important changes I have made is to the Fibonacci-Pivot Point Level Indicator.

If you think this is the common Fibonacci-Pivot Point than you are mistaken!

I customized it so that it will start at a certain time in the night - instead of at the beginning of the day, and I have it designed to end at a certain time in the day where the market makes its movement. But that's not even the most important part about the Fibonacci-Pivot Point indicator. You see, not only do you need to know how to use it but you have to have the right broker time in order to make it work.

Without knowing this the indicator is completely useless!!! I know the right broker time and I plan to teach you that in my video course - guaranteed! In fact, just knowing this small but critical bit of information could literally change you from being a losing trader to a winner!!!

With the help of these two indicators, I can easily execute my other rules that I have came up with such as Reversal Candle Formations and Support & Resistance.

So, I think now is the perfect time to introduce you to....

Jason Sweezey's
1 Hour Forex Video Course

But before I show you what my course consists of, let me just tell you that I have been thinking a lot about what will be the best and easiest way for any newbie to understand my new trading strategy, and not just that, but to learn it in the quickest way possible.

After long consideration, if a picture is worth a thousand words, then a video must be worth ten times more :-)

For those of you who follow me, you know that I always speak slow but coherent making it even easy for a Non-English speaking person to understand what I have to say with ease.

I have created a series of videos, 8 in total, where the longest one is not more than 22 minutes long, and I think that my video sequence will get you ready to trade in less than 90 minutes!

Let's go over the course content but please remember that everything can be learned very quickly and easily.



That's a Total of 99 Minutes! See, what did I tell you? Less than 2 Hours will get you up and running with 1 Hour Forex!


All you have to do is follow these simple steps:


Benefits Of Using 1 Hour Forex

* Flexibility * Consistency * Simple Rules As Easy As 1-2-3

But before I will discuss with you about the potential of using 1 Hour Forex, I want to stress a very important benefit I see for using it.

I know that most of you don't have time to trade. The common Forex trader here looks for ways to supplement his income so, trading has to be very flexible within a confined period of time.

That's exactly how 1 Hour Forex is designed. Although you do need to watch the charts at specific times of the day, however, you shouldn't spend more than 45 minutes to decide if the market is looking good for a trade setup for you in that session.

The best news is that in most cases, the 1 trade or two for that particular session will yield you enough pips to close the day without even trading forex the next session. If you haven't gone through my log above properly, please do it again now to see how many pips each trade has given me.

So, 1 Hour Forex can be right also for those who have day time jobs, especially if you have access to a computer and an internet connection at work.

What Is The Potential Profit
From 1 Hour Forex?

The average numbers of pips per trade with 1 Hour Forex is anywhere between 15 - 30 pips sometimes even higher. But, let's use the pessimistic scenario of 15 - 30 pips with more than 90% results, considering the fact that you need no more than 45 minutes to spend in order to decide if a potential trade set up may occur, I have no shadow of a doubt it will be your most profitable Stress-Free 45 minutes - ever!


Lot Size


Potential Profit Per Trade

Potential Profit Per Session



Low Risk

$15 - $30

$45 - $90



Medium Risk

$30 - $60

$90 - $180



High Risk

$75 - $150

$225 - $450



Low Risk

$30 - $60

$90 - $180



Medium Risk

$60 - $120

$180 - $360



High Risk

$150 - $300

$450 - $900



Low Risk

$75 - $150

$225 - $450



Medium Risk

$150 - $300

$450 - $900



High Risk

$375 - $750

$1125 - $2250


See What Other Well Known
Traders Have To Say


Jason has done it again!

Another great forex trading system! I have purchased and personally used and recommended his other trading systems, but this one is sooooo much better!

What a great concept he's come up with...and so simple...I really think even a newbie to forex trading could make money without much thought...the rules are so simple, and so refreshing without all the clutter of indicators. I love the 1 hour candle bounce off a support or resistance, so simple and elegant and yes....profitable!!!!

I highly recommend this trading system!

Cynthia of Day Trade Forex, LLC - Creator of 4 unique trading systems: www.daytradeforex.com/products.htm

Hi Jason my man. How are you? How is life? Man I have to admit, you really surprised me this time. You know how much I like your forex strategies, especially your 4XPipSnager, but this time you surprised me even more :-)

How did you think about this one? You must share with me :-)

I admit, at first when you asked me to test it (by the way I am sorry that it took time, I was so busy with my live trading room sessions and the preparations for my seminar in Hungary) I was skeptic about it and how it really works but I decided that before I tell you to find something better I will check it :-)

And when I started to work with it I understood that you did it big this time! That's great strategy man! I am "indicatorholic" trader as I believe they tell you all you need, but your pure price action idea here is just great amigo!

I know you will forgive me but I tried to combine some indicators using your strategy (sorrrrrry :-) and I have found a couple of powerful indicators that can help you a lot here when you have clear boundaries. It's easier to see the possible move of the break and retrace and see the logical target. But, that's just me and my indicators LOL.

All I want to say is, well done! I am sure that many traders will enjoy it and profit with that. Just please, for me, do some more examples of trades in any market condition so traders can realize how powerful it really is :-)

Well done! I am definitely going to have it on my most recommended list!

Vladimir Ribakov
Forex Blog
Forex Signals
Home Study Course

Hello guys, my name is Zack Kolundzic…

I have known Jason for some time now and I was among the first traders that has seen his brand new strategy called 1 Hour Forex. And I’ll have to say that this new and unique strategy works really well and is geared towards traders who don't want to spend too much time in front of the screen.

It is based on hourly chart, combines the power of support/resistance, candlestick formations and pivot points and is producing an extremely high win rate. It is all explained in a way that even a person without trading experience can quickly grasp and implement the strategy. Jason has come out with other trading systems in the past that are good as well called 4XpipSnager & Forex UTurn, but I think he has exceeded his past strategies with 1 Hour Forex.

Great Job Jason!

Best Regards.




Check out what this 1 Hour Forex
trader has to say:

Hi Jason,

Your system continues to pull in pips for me. So much easier than looking at the minute and 5 minute charts like I have for years. The last trade of the US session was textbook.....in at 1.3480 and got out at 1.3462 since I had drawn a prior support/resistance level close to there.

I can't believe in all the years I have been trading...I never noticed this. Price action trading at it's finest!!! And the best part is......it will continue to work with any change in the markets......price action will still be price action........no BS lagging forex indicators.

Thanks again for such a simple yet powerful system!!


No one was compensated for their testimonial. However testimonials are not indicative of future performance or success. We are not implying that these results can be generally expected or achieved by anyone. There is a substantial risk of loss associated with trading Forex. Past performances do not necessarily indicate future results!

Since this system is so unique, I have no doubt you must have questions so let's deal with them right now!

Q & A

Q. Do I need to use Moving Averages with 1 Hour Forex?
A. No, The great thing about 1 Hour Forex is that we don't use lagging Moving Averages and we don't use histograms or useless indicators that re-paint.

Q. I am a beginner to the Forex market. Will I be able to deal with 1 Hour Forex?
A. Yes, it's so easy to use that even a young teenager can learn how to use it.

Q. What is the learning curve to master 1 Hour Forex?
A. Literally, less than two hours!

Q. Is 1 Hour Forex a robot?
A. No, most robots don't work and 1 Hour Forex is tried, tested and true. IT WORKS!

Q. Will it work on different currency pairs?
A. Yes, it will work on different currency pairs, but the best pair to trade it on is the EURUSD.

Q. Does it come with a money back guarantee?
A.Yes 100% money back guarantee!

Q. If I have a question will I get an answer to my email?
A. Yes. I give very fast and comprehensive email support, usually within the next few hours most of the time. This is what I did for all my 4xPipSnager clients.

Q. Is it easy to install?
A. Yes it is a very simple process. We assure you of that.

Q. Can this be used anywhere in the world?
A. Yes, but if you live on a deserted tropical island with no net or electricity then you may have a problem… Other than that 100% YES!

Q. Can I use it on a 5 digit broker?
A. Yes! And it will work on an ECN as well.

Jason, How Much Will You
Ask of Me To Try It?

Much less than you think or used to pay for other systems, and again, you have my word that this system is ‘Nothing Like’ anything you have ever seen or traded with before. NO Lagging Moving Averages or useless indicators that repaint! Just straight to the BANK price action at its best!!!

As I explained before, I seldom release new systems, and like you, I am following and seeing the new systems which are released to the market on a daily basis. Like you, I am aware of the low quality of these systems, along side the ridiculous high prices they ask for it! Worst of all, with all the nerve these vendors have, it’s not been enough that they have been flooding the market with crap forex systems recently, and on top of this they have increased the prices to $1000 - $2000.

No me! I am not doing it for the money. It’s true, I expect to get some money, after all, to deliver a good system from me to you also brings with it a lot of expenses such as, graphic designers, Meta Trader 4 Coders and marketing consultation ect...

Although 1 Hour Forex is way better than any system you will encounter in your life, I have decided not just to make it affordable to almost anyone who seeks a good solid and consistent trading strategy, but also, this money will be rebated to you in just 2 - 3 winning trades – in one session probably?

So, considering all the above, and taking into account the prices most of you used to pay, I have decided to charge a mere ONE TIME PAYMENT of only $97 for the complete video course!

I have no doubt that for that price, anyone who really wants to succeed in Forex can afford it, and not just that, anyone who will stick to the simple rules I will teach you will get their money back in – No Time Flat!  



Almost Forgot About The Daily Set-Ups Video

Oh, almost forgot. If you think you will try 1 Hour Forex and I will leave you to deal with it alone, then you still don't understand the importance of your success to me.

Like I have done for my 4XPipSnager and Forex UTurn clients for almost 2 years now. To this day, I still send the Set Ups 5 days a week for you to see if you are trading my strategies correctly.

Just think about it, everyday you will get the last previous days session trades executed by 1 Hour Forex! No wonder people see this as priceless and as 1 Hour Forex client, you are getting it for free!!

Time to Take Action And Trust Me

I don't want to do a recap of everything like everybody else. I assure you’re getting offered my best system. In fact, you are getting the “Best Of My Best!” The strategy that makes me money everyday I trade!!!

With the low price I am asking, and the short time you will rebate your small investment, 1 Hour Forex is something you MUST add to your tool arsenal.

So, go ahead and click the Order Now button below to receive immediate access to 1 Hour Forex - The last strategy you will ever need...

If Not Today, Then Tomorrow...

But If You Seriously Want to Succeed Trading Forex, Then You Must Make
This Life Changing Decision!

Order The 1 Hour Forex 90 Minutes Video Course - Today!

Note: This is a downloadable digital product and no additional shipping or handling fees apply.
You can order your system anytime - even if it's 3:00 AM - and receive instant delivery.


Jason Sweezey

Creator: 4XPipSnager, Forex U Turn and 1 Hour Forex

P.S. Remember that I’ve got you covered. Test drive 1 Hour Forex for 8 Weeks. Let me prove to you how powerful this system really is. Of course, if you are not 100% satisfied, I will promptly issue a refund. I can’t be any fairer than that! ORDER 1 Hour Forex for Just $97 Today!

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